Thursday, April 26, 2012

New painting

This is a painting about resting.
I was inspired by Van Gogh for this painting. For the beginning stages of the painting I was inspired by the block coloring of Alex Katz so that I would not lose the color tones in my painting. Then, to finish, I added in complimentary marks or highlights of color that Van Gogh was an expert at doing.
This is a comfortable point of view for a viewer because the eyes are going in the same direction as they would be in real life to look at a scene like this. For the artist, however, the point of view is a bit more tricky with the foreshortening aspects of the figure.
My favorite parts are the top of the dress where the top layer shadows onto the camisole I am wearing. I also like the color contrast i the leg, as if it is emerging from the background. The arm laying on the ground looks extremely realistic as well.
To me, this is one of my most realistic paintings. It is clean and I devote this neatness to the preparation I took before painting. I sketched the figure, then did an oil pastel base over the pencil and acrylic prime. Lastly, I color matched the oil pastel to oil paint and painting! This is how it turned out. I am a different painter now because of it.

This is a poem I wrote and it relates well to the poem.

A car fades on in the night
a young girl falls asleep to the sound
Into the night.
she fades into it.

Or this Haiku I wrote:

Napping on the clouds,
I dream the reality
before the day rains.

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