Saturday, March 17, 2012

drifting portrait

Here is my finished piece: "Drifting." Its speaks of the times when we immerse ourselves in nature so that we are not interrupting it. I am drifting with the tall grass as the wind comes through on an early spring day. This photo was taken last May. I wrote a poem recently that I would like to associate with this painting. It reads:
The Feline in the desolate field
takes one step at a time
tempered for the day to leave and night to come
she wades among the matted grass

Am I the feline in the desolate field
who cannot wait for the twilight rush?
Maybe I should take one step at a time
just one step at a time.

The poem is similar to the painting because it is about being unable to effect the schedule that nature runs on. The feline wishes it could be night again so it could run around in the field unseen. It must rest in the tall grass, however, while the time of day wades on.
My Goal was to be realistic, yet simple. I took a different process than I have in the past but it helped tremendously. I decided to map out the whole painting in oil pastel at home before painting. It was like doing a color search right on the canvas. Then when I laid paint on it, there was already color beneath the paint and it was much easier to get the colors I wanted because they were already suggested.
My mentor for this painting was Edward Hopper for the figure portion. I like the block of colors that he uses to shape his figures. The field setting was more of an Andrew Wyeth type composition. A new artist that I was inspired by for this piece was Moussin Irjan, especially in this painting of his: tumblr_m0w8fmYFIo1r19yg4o1_500.jpg. I love his brush strokes, because the thickness of them make the girl look like she is blowing away or eroding. 

photo im using

oil pastel preliminary on canvas
Here are my beginnings

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