Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1.  What is the central idea of your concentration?(mark this “Statement #1”)
II was thinking of doing something with the valley of uncanny. The valley of uncanny is actually a hypothesis with robotics, where a robot replicates human characteristics so much so that people feeling strikingly astonished by it. It is a type of realism that can be used in art, where my work is realistic but there is something surprisingly not human about it that it is like a visual puzzle. There is something about it that is not real but it takes observation to pick out. It is an intricate idea, but I feel like it could be a concentration that connects art to real life.
2.  Considering your last painting and what you have learned so far, how can you change or enhance your concentration idea?
I learned about simplicity and realism in my last painting of the lamp; but in this drawing, the person is realistic while her thoughts are being drawn on the paper around her. There is the human aspect and the imaginary aspect. It is dreamlike. Everybody has vivid dreams that some times they wish could come true. It is something that is not tangible, but it is yet insanely real! 
3.  How are you going to “kick it up a notch” with this piece?
Smoother pencil marks and add more intricate marks that are only noticeable if you look close.
4.  Now write your “new and improved” idea for your concentrationdown. (mark this “statement #2)
Dreams are something that everybody has as their mind races at night. Dreams are people's way to replaying and working out real life issues that they have on their mind. It seems so real and reachable but just before you meet the climax, you wake up. I want to use my art to illustrate the world where dreams and reality collide.
5.  Brainstorm/list/free associate ideas for your next piece based on the answer to these questions. 
bblack and white painting.
half black and white and half color- psychedelic
portraits of people 
and crazy buildings 

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