Tuesday, January 17, 2012

looking back, as this artwork is in chronological order, I see that my pencil skills have become more fluid and plush. Similarly, my paintings subjects have become more complex, my colors more dramatic, and overall the pieces have become realistic. The lamp is probably the most realistic painting i've done. I was sure not to muddy my colors so I did all of the light spots, cleaned my pallet and added all of the dark shades. My favorite part of the lamp is the detail brass part of the bulb. It is a a bunch of subtly different white/yellow tones and it really made a different. I told myself, too, to forget that the lamp was white and just paint what was there and that is why the bottom of the lamp is nearly black! I would like to do more large scale black and white paintings, because the one that I did of my friend turned out realistically as well. I love the black and white painting and I feel like it's unique.


  1. lovely art I wish I have time to draw again !

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoox

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  2. This is a keeper! Good work , Claire . Your artistic eye is growing by leaps and bounds.