Monday, October 24, 2011

Self Portrait

What were my goals and intentions in this artwork?
--I watched that video on Youtube about self portraits and the face instantly became real by blocking in the shapes. I wanted that.

How did I accomplish them?
I first drew an outline of the overall shape; I blocked in the shadows and merges; I filled them in with charcoal; put in the highlights; and softened the necessary edges.

What is my painting about?
Its a serious portrait...I feel like my expression is stoic and a bit recalcitrant. Overall, my expression is similar to that of an old photograph of an Indian Chief.
My painting is about light and shadows.

What was the most difficult challange I had to face?
My lips were so difficult. Its tempting to make them symbolic when on auto-pilot. I had to put that aside and only draw shadows. It worked!

Where does my painting really work?
The left cheek bone, the lips, and the eye lids really signify that it is a portrait of Claire Zurkowski. 

Things I've learned?
Draw exactly what is there, I can not second guess that my dramatic lighting will not be understood by a viewer. Natural things portrayed naturally are always understood by the naked eye. Verisimilitude is perceived in its greatest amount when something is drawn without the implementation of made up resolutions

Mentor- for portraits, still wyeth


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