Sunday, May 22, 2011

10:03 pm

small color pencil/ink drawing i did today. inspiration from an artist i was introduced to at SAIC this weekend-April Behnke

here is the sequence of events above

here is april's website:

ending works

water color

zippo oil

acrylic cat

quick oil

desert oil

ten minute paintings-oil

after diebenkorn oil pastel

after Wyeth-pencil


Thursday, May 19, 2011

best work over the year

Deer Skull Charcoal and Jesso piece
antlers- pencil drawing of hanging deer antlers
antlers 1- antler charcoal I did as practice for the piece above
bow in cup oil painting-first painting of school year
lipstick-first oil painting ever
blue dress-attempt at fabric painting-oil paint
pitcher- monochrome oil pallet painting
palet knife painting of dr. martin's mary janes
India ink teddy bear wash
fashion charcoal and collage
charcoal piece of a romantic chair draped in fabric
hanging deer-drawing after Andrew Wyeth