Sunday, April 24, 2011

Water Color Finished in March 2011

The surreality and perfection of the clouds and sky is interrupted by industry in this watercolor/ink piece
i wrote this poem that i did not write specifically for this piece but i believe they fit. Here are the two:

Telephone Spire

Hello tellephone spire
Can you tell me when it rains?
Cause if I sit here much longer
I will bow the prissy cat tails
who tease me feet below my dangling limbs
A truck’s tire may unroll my sticky ankle
the guard rail may play a tune with my bones
the train tracks may never let me go
Please leave leverage in your wire
telephone spire
for me to sit before it rains.
to view the fantasy of inexistance above
stabilizing myself to witness
its baby blue actuality 
Maybe the train won’t come today
but you must tell me if the rain is coming

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