Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I finished two quick acrylic paintings today of my cat, Satan. My brother took the picture years ago and I just pulled it up and realized that it would be a fun and quick painting. Acrylic is a joy but I tend to mix colors and get muddy with it. I like how oil creates an equilibrium as its sustains it fluidity. Acrylic dries too fast for me, and then overlay strokes get a funny texture to them. I will have to continue to work with them. I am not in love with my paintings but one turned out pretty well and the other is just a fun cubism-type painting of the same picture.

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  1. There are 2 kinds of artists.The first type makes art because of out side pressures( workshops,grades, deadlines,art shows, taking a class etc.)About 90% of artists are like this. The other 10% makes art because they MUST. It's a part of their DNA. They are explorers. They don't care about grades. The work is part of who they are and they would be doing it even if they were not in school. I think you fall in the latter category. The illustration of the cat is a great interpretation of your photo. An illustration must be MORE than a photo and you have infused lots of personality into the painting. Youe escape photos show that you understand the concept of the "formula". Do you think you could take one of those shots and do one in with the style of the cat?