Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Escape Pix

I finished two quick acrylic paintings today of my cat, Satan. My brother took the picture years ago and I just pulled it up and realized that it would be a fun and quick painting. Acrylic is a joy but I tend to mix colors and get muddy with it. I like how oil creates an equilibrium as its sustains it fluidity. Acrylic dries too fast for me, and then overlay strokes get a funny texture to them. I will have to continue to work with them. I am not in love with my paintings but one turned out pretty well and the other is just a fun cubism-type painting of the same picture.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spanish Escape Route

In these pictures I tried to capture an entrance, central movement, and an exit within the picture. In my head i have some other ideas but when I am given 60 pages to read, equations, etc. etc. to do for homework I can do only what I can do in the time given. Maybe this weekend I will be able to spend some time with a second person to capture them in the midst of such a picture. 

Monday, January 24, 2011


Made t-shirts when we had a snow-day. They turned out really well, and the people that requested them will hopefully be satisfied.

Horrible piece of art work

I tried to do a painting of myself in a graveyard from a picture i have and it turned out horribly. I have come to the revelation that expressionism and cubist expression in my work should come about after i learn about realism. You can't use slang until you are familiar with the language

Sunday, January 16, 2011

just a new post

one new fashion sketch with pencil, sharpie and water color crayons


New Pieces of ARTWORK

My concentration for the past few weeks has been this set of deer antlers that I had brought in and installed in the gallery. I did a Jesso and charcoal layering piece on the skulls; I produced a fast, Wyatt-like charcoal of the blunt hanging antlers; and lastly, I made transposed the charcoal scene into a drawing. From the jesso experiment I learned the how to make artwork almost like a puzzle of marks that hides the themes of the work from the direct gaze of teh viewer. It's fun to see people look at it in a kind of confusion as to what is being depicted, and when I tell them that it is a skull of an animal the reaction is even better. In the charcaol, I printed on two boards that go together to complete eachother. It is sketchy as I said and it is not one of the best but it shows progression. I feel that markmaking for such a thing is pointless unless everymark has a purpose. I was trying in that piece to make interesting marks, but they only took away from the dimensions of my artwork. Mark making is not a way of making my work look interesting and sloppy, because it should only be used like symbols on a map to guide a viewer's eyes along the reality of the subject matter. In the drawing, however, I do believed that I better achieved this. I learned to study a picture of the subject and the way that the pixles transpose a real-life image of what was taken. Where there is the darkest marks, the lightest highlights finely outline it. When I tried to do this with my drawing, the crispness of the antlers suddenly seemed to jump off the paper. It looked surprisinly real and I had never experienced that before. It is nice to gain understanding from experimentation. I hope you see an improvement.