Monday, October 24, 2011

Self Portrait

What were my goals and intentions in this artwork?
--I watched that video on Youtube about self portraits and the face instantly became real by blocking in the shapes. I wanted that.

How did I accomplish them?
I first drew an outline of the overall shape; I blocked in the shadows and merges; I filled them in with charcoal; put in the highlights; and softened the necessary edges.

What is my painting about?
Its a serious portrait...I feel like my expression is stoic and a bit recalcitrant. Overall, my expression is similar to that of an old photograph of an Indian Chief.
My painting is about light and shadows.

What was the most difficult challange I had to face?
My lips were so difficult. Its tempting to make them symbolic when on auto-pilot. I had to put that aside and only draw shadows. It worked!

Where does my painting really work?
The left cheek bone, the lips, and the eye lids really signify that it is a portrait of Claire Zurkowski. 

Things I've learned?
Draw exactly what is there, I can not second guess that my dramatic lighting will not be understood by a viewer. Natural things portrayed naturally are always understood by the naked eye. Verisimilitude is perceived in its greatest amount when something is drawn without the implementation of made up resolutions

Mentor- for portraits, still wyeth


Monday, September 19, 2011

Hail Mary Nature Concentration

These mountains were ones that I came up with after studying the shapes of various Sahara mountains in particular. Based on the Rosary, here is a concentration of ten paintings after the set of ten Hail Mary's in the rosary. I am going to do one more "Our Father" painting in color. The religious notion adds personal framework to the piece.

Friday, September 16, 2011

new oil

I do not like my painting very much because I feel one needs to learn how to paint realistically before one can understand how to go painterly; otherwise, the painterly description covers up for how much I have to learn.
I wanted to put a long skinny daisy in my glass, but this daffodil was the best thing I could find. I am always entranced by sprawling fields filled with Queen Anne's lace, blue corn flower, and daisies; therefore, I wanted to bring that quant beauty into my painting. I do not feel as if I did so however, because I did not paint the image of what such a flower deserves.
Using a flower, I am describing myself as a flower, with a long skinny structure that blooms on top.
If I could do my painting again I would probably try painting the painting in black and white and then adding a varnish of color on top. I always muddy my paintings, especially with water soluble oil paints. I need to begin again with simplicity and work up to complex color.
My goal through this was the make the glass seem to pop off of the page and out of the different color hues. I do not feel like I accomplished this; this perspective is quite flat.
My painting is about the light and how it reflects on a white space. The difficulty in this was to find the understandable values of chiaroscuro in my colors. Some were the wrong tint and they threw off the background and foreground of the painting.
My painting works best where the stem meets the water.
I would like to bring better structure and shape into my next paintings; hence the switch to mountain landscapes.
My greatest artist mentor is Andrew Wyeth  but the saturation in his work is so low yet the hues are so complimentary of each other. I would like the achieve this simple realism.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

i want to paint this:

I will make the background simple and just have the streaks of highlights that make up her face

New ArtWork

 moving photograph
 Black and white oil painting
Roy Rogers

Watercolor and ink

 Architectural drawing

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dog Collage

This is my dog Amos. He was my first Jack Russell and he will always be one of my best friends.

He arrives to dinner early
He loves to chat in the sunlight
He runs with a smile through the wheat fields
He stays by your side even if he's scared too
He knows what will get him in trouble
He has a list of favorite TV programs
He's my dog amos

Sunday, May 22, 2011

10:03 pm

small color pencil/ink drawing i did today. inspiration from an artist i was introduced to at SAIC this weekend-April Behnke

here is the sequence of events above

here is april's website:

ending works

water color

zippo oil

acrylic cat

quick oil

desert oil

ten minute paintings-oil

after diebenkorn oil pastel

after Wyeth-pencil


Thursday, May 19, 2011

best work over the year

Deer Skull Charcoal and Jesso piece
antlers- pencil drawing of hanging deer antlers
antlers 1- antler charcoal I did as practice for the piece above
bow in cup oil painting-first painting of school year
lipstick-first oil painting ever
blue dress-attempt at fabric painting-oil paint
pitcher- monochrome oil pallet painting
palet knife painting of dr. martin's mary janes
India ink teddy bear wash
fashion charcoal and collage
charcoal piece of a romantic chair draped in fabric
hanging deer-drawing after Andrew Wyeth