Saturday, October 9, 2010

Water in Glass Evaluation

How interesting is your Size-View-Placement? Did you consider it at all?

  • I do not often like objects to be front and center in a still life painting. I placed the glass on the right side and enlarged it so that the bow could almost reach to top of the canvas when the bottom of the glass is in near the middle of the canvas. Now that I analyze my size-view-placement, I realize that the center of the bow is in a sweet spot on the canvas and that the shadow of the bow draws the eye across the painting. 

Did you think of the water as shapes of dark and light colors?

  • I am trying to work on my observations in painting without letting my conclusions overpower. With this painting, I really tried for that, in that I looked for color and shape rather than reality perceptions. Likewise, there is always room for improvement. 

How well did you create a sense of transparency?

  • Without thinking of what I was supposed to achieve, I tried more to rely in my observation of shapes and color to collaborate on the aspired sense of transparency. 

Are you ellipses and view points correct and consistent?

  • I did not take the perspective from above the glass enough to have challenging ellipses to cover. Therefore, my perspectives are simply and consistent throughout. 

Are your paint colors clean and clear or muddy?

  • It is said that I tend to over paint. On the glass I see how I could have edged off some of my colors and shapes more definitely, but in the bow and on the bottom of the glass, I am happy with the painterly, clean strokes that I laid down.

Did you complete the painting in the alloted time?

  • I completed the painting in three classes, which would be estimated to about 2.6 hours
Does your choice object in the water reflect some personal choice?
  • I put a bow in the glass. I have chosen to designate my pink bow as a signifier of my character, something that has my look and is personal to myself. In fashion, I try to ad my bow to every outfit, my own personal touch. With this, I find that a cutesy bow has a silly look when added to the lip of the glass. It reminds me of a female glass that should be paired with its husband glass. The size of the bow on the glass is unexpected and dominant. It's peachy pink hue is exciting and vibrant. Ultimately, however, the bow is personal and is something that I am proud to use as a symbol of myself. 
What are you saying in your personal choice of object?
  • The bow is saying that i am exciting and vibrant yet classic and whole. I admire that vintage look of the bow we a definer of something personal to myself as well. 
Were you focused on your work, using class time effectively, and not distracted?
  • Saying that I finished the AP sized painting in under three hours, I do believe that I was completely and undoubtedly concentrated on my work.
Did you achieve a believable illusion of transparency?
  • When I look at the painting knowing exactly what went into the painting, I am puzzled as to why it doesn't look so transperent. I get stuck on the different shapes without seeing a general view; however, when i look at the picture of the painting or take a step back to view it from a distance, I see how everything comes together to great a more believable illusion. 

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  1. Perfect! Your observations are right-on-true and I can see your painting skills evolve and improve. Some say the difference between a good painter and a great one is miles and miles of canvas. You have completed the first mile. Keep up the intensity.