Thursday, October 7, 2010

MicroLab One In A Glass

After three days of working on this, I found myself to have completed this work. This is the first microlab of the year and was completed on October 7, 2010. What went in the glass had to be personal, exciting, and slightly humorous. My glass had my own pink bow in it. I tend to wear the bow with every possible outfit and feel that it defines my style. Therefore, I the bow in my glass has my look and attracts my eye.


  1. great start for a year of painting. You did,t overwork your colors. They are clean and bright. Your composition is strong, engaging ythe background. The items are personal, saying something about you. Nice job.

  2. I love this. The colors captured in the glass is wonderful. Absolutely lovely.

  3. This looks so great. I love the color and how you expressed the transparency!