Wednesday, November 24, 2010


My Mary Jane pallet knife painting taught me to simplify and summarize. It was frustrating to have to paint everything with a plastic surface, but it forced me to find the most important color. What was vital I painted, but it was almost impossible to paint every detail that a paint brush permits. I am happy with my first pallet knife painting; it is a good start and foundation for my future paintings.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Motion in Stillness

running water

falling leaves

wood composition

ticking clock

in the flash

yawning dog
pour de bras

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Water in Glass Evaluation

How interesting is your Size-View-Placement? Did you consider it at all?

  • I do not often like objects to be front and center in a still life painting. I placed the glass on the right side and enlarged it so that the bow could almost reach to top of the canvas when the bottom of the glass is in near the middle of the canvas. Now that I analyze my size-view-placement, I realize that the center of the bow is in a sweet spot on the canvas and that the shadow of the bow draws the eye across the painting. 

Did you think of the water as shapes of dark and light colors?

  • I am trying to work on my observations in painting without letting my conclusions overpower. With this painting, I really tried for that, in that I looked for color and shape rather than reality perceptions. Likewise, there is always room for improvement. 

How well did you create a sense of transparency?

  • Without thinking of what I was supposed to achieve, I tried more to rely in my observation of shapes and color to collaborate on the aspired sense of transparency. 

Are you ellipses and view points correct and consistent?

  • I did not take the perspective from above the glass enough to have challenging ellipses to cover. Therefore, my perspectives are simply and consistent throughout. 

Are your paint colors clean and clear or muddy?

  • It is said that I tend to over paint. On the glass I see how I could have edged off some of my colors and shapes more definitely, but in the bow and on the bottom of the glass, I am happy with the painterly, clean strokes that I laid down.

Did you complete the painting in the alloted time?

  • I completed the painting in three classes, which would be estimated to about 2.6 hours
Does your choice object in the water reflect some personal choice?
  • I put a bow in the glass. I have chosen to designate my pink bow as a signifier of my character, something that has my look and is personal to myself. In fashion, I try to ad my bow to every outfit, my own personal touch. With this, I find that a cutesy bow has a silly look when added to the lip of the glass. It reminds me of a female glass that should be paired with its husband glass. The size of the bow on the glass is unexpected and dominant. It's peachy pink hue is exciting and vibrant. Ultimately, however, the bow is personal and is something that I am proud to use as a symbol of myself. 
What are you saying in your personal choice of object?
  • The bow is saying that i am exciting and vibrant yet classic and whole. I admire that vintage look of the bow we a definer of something personal to myself as well. 
Were you focused on your work, using class time effectively, and not distracted?
  • Saying that I finished the AP sized painting in under three hours, I do believe that I was completely and undoubtedly concentrated on my work.
Did you achieve a believable illusion of transparency?
  • When I look at the painting knowing exactly what went into the painting, I am puzzled as to why it doesn't look so transperent. I get stuck on the different shapes without seeing a general view; however, when i look at the picture of the painting or take a step back to view it from a distance, I see how everything comes together to great a more believable illusion. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

MicroLab One In A Glass

After three days of working on this, I found myself to have completed this work. This is the first microlab of the year and was completed on October 7, 2010. What went in the glass had to be personal, exciting, and slightly humorous. My glass had my own pink bow in it. I tend to wear the bow with every possible outfit and feel that it defines my style. Therefore, I the bow in my glass has my look and attracts my eye.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

JPG challenge- What Do You Obsess ABout

I do believe that it is pretty obvious that I obsess over fashion and modeling. I aspire to model in high fashion; however, I must hope that I grow a few more inches to do so! Anyhow, I am also compassionate about fashion blogging at The title of my blog is "Bow In Her Hair." On my blog, my signature thing is to have a bow in all of my pictures; it is a personal accent that is fun and sometimes comical. Therefore, I consider it that I obsess over the bow.

JPG challenge- Where Do I Spend My Time?

With the immense amount of school work and obligations that I have during the week, much of my time is spent in my room. It is actually a comforting place to relax in because I know where everything is and can worry disturbing nothing. Here are some pictures of myself in my room.

JPG challenge- What is family?

I have four miniature Jack Russells, all of which make up a pack and a righteous herd of fast moving feet. Everyone calls Amos, Daisy, Brutus, and Pokey my dogs; however, they make up our family just as every child does. My dogs are my family, and as cliche as it may sound, they bring me a certain understood joy that cannot be portrayed through the eyes of a human.

I also have four outdoor cats. I do not have a particular relationship with them; however, I do feel that their existence has taken care of any rodent intruders to the property. Therefore, I have a considerable appreciation for my cats and wish to keep them as a part of the family.

photography of dogs by: Claire Zurkowski
photography of cats- Brittney Allen

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Richard Diebenkorn is one of my greatest artist mentors. His painterly technique can't be missed and depicts much movement and excitement. Here a imitation I did of a Diebenkown 30 minute oil. I used oil pastels

What Brings Me Joy

We had to make a three set series during the first weeks of school, where each piece in the series was unified by mark, color, and theme. I used negative space, charcoal, and magazine collages to make three outfits on a model. I personally do not believe that this is one of my strong pieces; however, it was a valued learning experience for my artistic thinking.

A Special Place to Me

A Place Special to Me

In each of these pictures of myself, the background is what makes them most meaningful and striking to me. These three shots were taken in my hard where I have grown up enjoying. What gets me to completely bond with each picture is the realization that in my yard one can look in one can look north and east to only see luscious rolling fields, scattered with towering trees with their slit ended branches. When one should choose to turn their head, however, they will be confronted with sprawling gardens separating the industrial work area of my barn from my sculpted stone house. Until I recognized my loving reaction to these pictures of myself in my year, I have never comprehended how significant my yard's existence is.

More Art


Some graffiti that I was having fun with in my sketchbook.
fashion sketches

An oil pastel of a shoe. July, 2010

First OIl

These are my first oil paintings that I completed within five days of a John Carroll art intensive with Mr. Duane Sabiston. The camp was titled as the "Ish" workshop, because it was focused on teaching us the importance of light and its effects on color and the reflection of that in our work. So, here are the paintings that I did in the week :)

This is my first oil painting that I did of a chrome lipstick bottle. It was an experimentation with oil paints as a complete novice to the oil painting system. With that said, it is my favorite painting of mine to date because I love the atypical color pallet that luckily worked quite well. With a few lucky stroked and a lot of acting without thinking then analyzing the subconscious actions, I was able to turn out an oil painting this solitary tube of glamorous lipstick.

I did this oil painting of the three pool balls on the fourth day of the camp. From it I learned the complexity of painting a detailed, proportional, and polished sphere. I do not necessary like how finished background pool balls; however, I find the 3 ball quite striking. Therefore, I can accept that my painting draws the eye to the middle ball because it is brighter, complimentary to the table color, and just better painted.

This was my first self portrait ever and it is probably the painting that I gained the most self knowledge from going so far. The painting was started with the layout of the "hair hat" where the shape and look of my face was found structured through the painting of my hair. From there, the exploration began. Looking at the painting in an analytical position, I would say that my lips are too wide, my light casts seem to shape my face down to the left, and my eyes are too big; however, it holds my look and is a portrait that I appreciate as a beginning to my self portrait collection.